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Merckx NV was created in 1938, first as a distributor of accessories for the woodworking industry. Since the sixties, the company focused more and more on the development and production of dispersion glues for all kinds of industries, such as the building industry, woodworking, paper and cardboard converting, general industry etc.  
The company was taken over by a diversified holding and merged with Demcopack Davis, another Belgian glue specialist, focused on the production of jelly glues (gelatine based glues), used in the packaging and paper industry.
In June 2010, the company was acquired by a private individual shareholder. The group name was changed into Gluecom, a Combination of 3 Glue Expert companies: Demcopack Davis, Merckx and Ace Adhesives (Birmingham, UK). These 3 companies combine the strenghts of a focused niche market company and the synergy advantages of a group in terms of R&D and market knowledge. 


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